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How should I charge the flags and the armband case?

The electronic flags and the armband case can be recharged simultaneously with the supplied power supply unit and the USB adaptor. Make sure to observe the correct voltage indicated on the supplied power supply unit.

How to review your products?

If you use our products, you can review them online: go to the relevant product page, click on "Write your review" and let yourself be guided. In tis way, you will enable us to improve the quality of our products and services. Thank you for your support.

How much time do I need to recharge the flag kit?

For a complete recharge, the armband case and the flags must be recharged for approximately 1 hour for a theoretical battery life of 20 hours.

How to learn the flags into the armband case?
Go into Registration mode

Arm strap pager

1 - If it is switched off, switch it on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

2 - Keep the ON/OFF and VOLUME buttons pressed for 3 seconds until the green BATTERY turns onThe LED will flash green while it is registering.


1 - If it is switched off, switch it on by pressing the SIGNAL button.

2 - Keep the SIGNAL button pressed for 10 seconds, until the green LED turns onThe LED will flash green while it is registering.

3 - Once registered, the flag will vibrate twice and the green LED will remain lit for 3 seconds before switching off. If the red LED flashes, the flag is not registered. You must perform the operation again.

NOTE: A maximum of 5 flags may be registered in the arm strap pager.

Quit Registration mode

Arm strap pager: press once the ON/OFF or VOLUME button

Flag: press once the SIGNAL button

NOTE: The Registration automatically stops after 3 minutes.


If the flag vibrates twice and the green LED stays on for 3 seconds, it means that the flag you are trying to learn is already learnt.

If the arm strap pager emits 4 consecutive beeps, it means that you attempt to register a sixth flag (max. 5 flags can be registered).

If the red LED on the flag flashes twice and the flag does not vibrate after a press on the SIGNAL button, an error occurred during registration, please restart.

How to reset the kit? (delete the flags from the armband case)
Clear the memory of the arm strap pager

(all flags will be deleted from the pager's memory):

1 - Keep the ON/OFF and VOLUME buttons pressed for 10 seconds.

2 - After 3 seconds, the green BATTERY LED turns on to indicate that the arm strap pager is in Registration mode. Keep the buttons pressed until the two red LEDs turn on simultaneously for 1 second and the pager vibrates to show that it has been successfully reset.

Clear the memory of a flag

(the flag will be deleted from the pager's memory):

1 - Keep the SIGNAL button pressed for 20 seconds.

2 - After 10 seconds, the green LED turns on to indicate that the flag is in Registration mode. Keep the button pressed until the red LED turns on for 1 second and the flag vibrates to indicate that it has been successfully reset.

I own a non-rechargeable kit. Where can I buy batteries?

You are looking for batteries ref. Lithium Varta 2CR1/2AA 6V 970mAh with connector?

Please contact a store specialized in the sale of batteries.