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How to learn the flags into the armband case?

Go into Registration mode

Arm strap pager

1 - If it is switched off, switch it on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

2 - Keep the ON/OFF and VOLUME buttons pressed for 3 seconds until the green BATTERY turns onThe LED will flash green while it is registering.


1 - If it is switched off, switch it on by pressing the SIGNAL button.

2 - Keep the SIGNAL button pressed for 10 seconds, until the green LED turns onThe LED will flash green while it is registering.

3 - Once registered, the flag will vibrate twice and the green LED will remain lit for 3 seconds before switching off. If the red LED flashes, the flag is not registered. You must perform the operation again.

NOTE: A maximum of 5 flags may be registered in the arm strap pager.

Quit Registration mode

Arm strap pager: press once the ON/OFF or VOLUME button

Flag: press once the SIGNAL button

NOTE: The Registration automatically stops after 3 minutes.


If the flag vibrates twice and the green LED stays on for 3 seconds, it means that the flag you are trying to learn is already learnt.

If the arm strap pager emits 4 consecutive beeps, it means that you attempt to register a sixth flag (max. 5 flags can be registered).

If the red LED on the flag flashes twice and the flag does not vibrate after a press on the SIGNAL button, an error occurred during registration, please restart.