About us

Our company

The SIGNALBIP company is the official supplier in France of the SignalBip brand, whose best seller is the electronic rechargeable flag kit. We own the http://signalbip.com website, that is an online store, to sell SignalBip-branded products.


Louis Vetro, born in 1952, father of the current CEO of our company, creates the Label company, specialized in wholesale of electric and electronic equipment.

He deposits a patent for a "Refereeing aid for use in football and other ball games", which is the first model of the current electronic flags.


His device is used for the first time during the football matches at the Summer Olympic Games of Atlanta.


FIFA uses SignalBip devices in all its matches.


The 1998 Football World Cup held in France is the first major sport event where referees use SIGNAL BIP electronic flags. 

Here are some press articles of the time:

Unfortunately, the partnership with FIFA was stopped soon afterwards, as the latter didn't want to provide equipments fully manufactured by only one company.

Mr Vetro has then sold the SignalBip brand and its new owners have left it to wither.


Romuald Vetro, the inventor's son, repurchases the SignalBip brand in 2007.


Here is the previous model (the 4th one) of electronic flag kits functioning with batteries.


Based on the needs expressed by the referee profession, the electronic flag kit has been revised (improvement of current features and adding of new ones) to improve its use. This kit is currently sold on our online store.


The 2012-version of the rechargeable electronic are now used by many referees for European top football championships as well as TOP 14 and Pro D2 rugby games.

Our team

Romuald: CEO of the company, he is mainly in charge with the marketing. He helps us make the company grow and he supports our initiatives during our quarterly brainstormings.

Ilinca: Account Manager, she is responsible of the website content and of our presence on the social media. She communicates with clients by email, phone or chat.

Matthieu: Our Logistics Manager is in charge of the check of the products before shipping (status, operation, programming). He also prepares the packages and manages the stock. 

Flavien: Our Technical Representative manages the after-sales service.

Aliette: Financial manager, she prepares the documents for all your orders (delivery forms, invoices).

Erisa: She is in charge with the website (updates, server maintenance and other computer stuff).