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Recycling of old SignalBip non-rechargeable electronic flag kits

Download the Recycling Form

Our company recycles SignalBip old-generation non-rechargeable electronic flag Kits in exchange of a €200 voucher valid only on our online store signalbip.com for the purchase of:

  • 1 kit of rechargeable electronic flags, ref. KSB/1X (EU) or KSB/1Y (US)


Product Eligibility Requirements for the Recycling offer

Your old kit must be of SignalBip’s brand (no other brand or copy will be authorised), make sure that you own the complete product in its original package (flag with all its accessories, handles and tissues, receiver, batteries, in the transport case).

The value of the voucher depends on the general condition of the kit (plastics, electronics, functioning...).

Procedure for the Return of your old kit

  • First of all, make sure you own an account on our online store (you will receive the voucher directly on your account).
  • Return, at your expense, your complete old SignalBip kit of non-rechargeable electronic flags in its transport case, together with the Recycling fill-in form at:

Recycling Service
1436, avenue de Bordeaux
33127 Saint Jean d'Illac

  • Our technical manager will check the kit:
    • If the product complies with the above-mentioned Eligibility Requirements (i.e. a complete kit), you will receive your voucher of up to €200 as a discount code deposited directly on your online account within 15 days.
    • If the product is not complete, it will be returned to your address, at your expense, within 30 days.


Use of the voucher

  • Once the return accepted by our technical department, we will send you, within 15 days, a voucher of up to €200 as a discount code available in your online account and valid for 30 days after its reception date.
  • To view your voucher, sign in to your account on signalbip.com (section My account -> My vouchers).
  • The voucher is only valid on our online store signalbip.com.
  • The voucher can be used only for the purchase of one of the products below:
    • Rechargeable electronic flags, ref. KSB/1X (radio frequency EU: 868Mhz)
    • Rechargeable electronic flags, ref. KSB/1Y (radio frequency US: 915Mhz)

The voucher is not cumulative with other vouchers of the same type or other current promotions.


General terms for the Recycling program of old SignalBip non-rechargeable electronic flag kits

  • Your participation to the Recycling program of old SignalBip non-rechargeable electronic flag kits (the "Program") is subject to the terms and conditions stated below. This includes SignalBip’s Conditions of SalePrivacy Policy, and all rules and policies included on signalbip.com website.
  • To participate in the Program, you must be at least 18 years old. Juridical persons and natural persons acting on a professional basis are not allowed to take part to the Program.
  • Items you submit for recycling using the Program are subject to acceptance by SignalBip. You are solely responsible for the dispatch of products to SignalBip, we decline any liability for any products damaged or lost during transit.
  • Once the item accepted, SignalBip will send you, in exchange, a voucher valid on the signalbip.com website. We will deliver the voucher to you by depositing it on your signalbip.com account. You will not be entitled to any other payment for items you submit for recycling using the Program. This voucher is valid for 30 days after the date of its creation on your online account.
  • You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to sell the item you submit for recycling using the Program and that your submission of it complies fully with the Program requirements.
  • The item you submit must meet the Product Recycling Eligibility requirements (mentioned above) as determined in sole discretion by SignalBip, or such items will be rejected. Rejected items will be subject to the Additional Return Terms and Conditions for Rejected Items described below.

Prior to returning your item, you must review it to make sure it meets the eligibility requirements. We will inspect your item using the same criteria.

  • You may choose the Return Option if the item is not complete. We reserve the right to decide, for each client, whether we accept to recycle your incomplete item in exchange of a voucher of a lower value (the exact value is left in our sole discretion) or the item will be sent back to you at your own expense.
  • You can ask for the recycling of several old kits at the same time. In this case, vouchers will not be cumulative (you will not be able to use several vouchers for the purchase of only one product).
  • This recycling offer may cease to exist or change over time at the absolute discretion of SignalBip.
  • SignalBip may revise these terms and conditions at any time and / or may suspend or terminate the Program at any time.
  • This offer is reserved only to individuals.


Additional Return Terms and Conditions for Rejected Items

  • We may revise these Additional Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • Items are inspected upon receipt using the Product Eligibility Requirements (mentioned above), as determined by us in our sole discretion. Items failing to meet the Product Eligibility Requirements may be rejected. We reserve the right to take a decision for each client individually. These items may be sent back to you at your own expense within 30 days. Otherwise, we may dispose them. We will not return Lost Items to you.
  • Incorrect or Incomplete items may be returned to you:

o    "Incorrect" items are items that do not match the items accepted in the Recycling Program.

o    "Incomplete" items are items that are missing any required components (like a Flag maintaining tip).

  • We may not return items to you (even though they are eligible for a return) in case of abuse (for instance if a return may have been abusively required several times by a client).

Last update: May 9th, 2016